5 Ways Technology Can Solve Senior Care Centre Challenges

Senior care centres are designed to offer a variety of functions. These can range from assisted living to daily activities that promote physical, mental, and social well-being amongst the elderly. They strive to provide safe, homelike, and enjoyable environments.

However, there are some common issues that can arise concerning both the residents and staff of these facilities. Thankfully recent technologies allow senior care centres to save time, money, and labor. Here are a few of these challenges that modern technologies are assisting:

Access Control

Access control is an integral part of security for senior living facilities. By keeping track of exactly who is entering and leaving the facility, you can improve the safety and security of seniors, staff, visiting family members, as well as personal belongings. Management can grant selective access to different sectors on the premise, avoiding trespassing or individuals getting lost. Access control also allows management to observe capacity rules, preventing overcrowding.

Managing Regulatory Compliance

Many facilities in the healthcare and assisted living sector have a set of regulatory compliance rules they must follow, or they run the risk of hefty fines. For residential care facilities, these requirements can be complex and confusing. Many do not understand them and cannot keep up with the new updates.

Case and Care Management

Case and care management refers to the handling of an individual senior’s experience at the care centre. Technology allows for detailed profiling which specifies variables such as a senior’s health conditions, activity preferences, dietary and transport requirements. Staff can easily reference these profiles for precise and appropriate resource allocation and manpower deployment.

Technology also allows for seamless alert management and incident reporting, so that the appropriate staff can respond promptly to assist the specified senior.

Finance and Invoicing

Finance and accounting are part and parcel of a senior care centre’s operations. Technology allows these facilities to automate invoicing and payment collection via online transactions. Automated alerts for invoices due can also be programmed to ease the workload on staff.

Peace of Mind of Families for Safety

The primary concern for family members or carers of seniors in care centres is the well-being of said elderly. Providing these family members with confidence in a facility’s care puts their minds at ease, and boosts the centre’s reputation. Opportunities for face-to-face correspondence may be sparse, especially with the carers/family members leading busy lives themselves. Using technology, centre staff can communicate with carers and family members via instant mobile alerts, or deliver reports via email.

WerkDone’s Senior Care Management Software is designed to assist senior care professionals in the management of eldercare centres. From case and care management, volunteer, donor, and visitor management, to accounting and payment collection, a Senior Care Management System can help achieve seamless operations. Most importantly, it automates tedious and repetitive administrative tasks, allowing staff to focus on quality care for seniors.

Find out more about WerkDone’s Senior Care Management System at www.werkdone.com. Alternatively, drop us a message here!

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