7 Signs Your Visitor Management Solution Needs To Be Renewed

Visitor Management Solution Needs A Refresh

Visitor Management System is a useful tool that helps businesses keep track of their visitors. It also helps to improve environment and experience for visitors by streamlining safety procedures and reporting systems. If you find that your current system is not fulfilling these items, it might be time for an update or change in provider. […]

Fortnightly Sessions: Message from James Kow – WerkDone Executive Director, CEO

Our Executive Director and CEO, James Kow shares a little bit about what WerkDone has been up to since the pandemic restrictions lightened. What has WerkDone been up to? During the pandemic, WerkDone dove deep into providing Access Management solutions for businesses looking to continue their operations amidst rising cases and government restrictions.  While these […]

Access Control And Why Businesses Need It

why business need access control

Security is an ever-growing concern for business owners. For many businesses, safety and security is a top priority. There are multiple ways that data and security breaches can occur and effective access control can curb these risks. From prevention of unauthorised access to audit tracking, a system that enforces access control (such as a Visitor […]

How Credential Management Works in Visitor Management System

Credential Management

Credential Management is in essence software that is used for issuing and managing credentials. Before going into the details of Credential Management as a system, let’s cover the definition of credentials. Then we’ll find out how the Credential Management system is incorporated into a Visitor Management System. What is Credentials? In Layman’s terms, credentials are […]

How To Refresh Your Workplace Visitor Policy and Optimise Company Workflow

refreshing visitor policy and improving company workflow

With health regulations easing up, more and more people have been returning to office for work. But many companies have also chosen to adopt a hybrid working system. With increased human traffic, it may be time to update your workplace’s visitor policy to ensure smooth operation and a positive Visitor Journey. Refreshing your visitor policy […]

Reasons To Invest in a Visitor Management System

Investing in Visitor Management System

As a result of COVID’s impacts on the world, the last few years saw many people laid off from work. And tightened health protocols for security and safety reasons. Despite global attempts to observe a “new normal” and move the pandemic into its endemic phase, there remains an underlying fear of new strains arising. Or […]

Real Time Location System: UWB and Implementation

Real Time Location System

Real-Time Location System (RTLS) refers to tracking systems that can automatically identify and track people and objects in real time. It refers instead to the use of systems that are able to track the geolocation of a target. The target itself be a large object, a vehicles, or even a person. The target uses tags […]

Choosing The Right Visitor Management System (VMS)

Choosing Visitor Management System

Choosing the right Visitor Management System for your company is crucial. Especially for places that experience high visitor traffic, or are looking to welcome more visitors. A Visitor Management System allows companies to manage the Visitor Journey efficiently, without the need for long queues and security issues. With the rising need for a VMS in […]

Industries That Benefit From Ultra-Wideband (UWB)

UWB Usecase

WerkDone’s Visitor Management System utilises Ultra-Wideband (UWB) technology. This technology can help all sorts of workplaces improve their efficiency and functioning with its unique traits. So, which industries are these? Healthcare Industry Healthcare Institutions have many restricted areas requiring authorised access. This makes security measures crucial in preventing breaches.  The Healthcare Industry also sees many […]

How The Smart Tracking System: Ultra Wideband (UWB) Works

How UWB Works

Wondering how the smart tracking system works? Part of radio technology, Ultra Wideband uses radio waves to operate. Currently, multiple technologies are using Ultra Wideband in their products, including WerkDone’s Visitor Management System. So, how exactly do they work? How Wireless Communication Send and Receive Data Similar to Bluetooth and Wi-fi, Ultra Wideband uses wireless […]