How To Improve Senior Care With Data Analysis

Improve Senior Care With Data Analysis

Data analysis is the process of cleaning, transforming, and modelling data to discover useful information for business decision-making. It is the key to growing not just your business but also everyday life! From Visitor Management System to Senior Care Management System, there are many different softwares that can assist. Let’s take a look at Visitor Management […]

How To Prepare Holiday Rush With Visitor Management System

Holiday Rush With Visitor Management System

The holiday season is just around the corner, which means that the holiday rush is coming for businesses all around. Various industries are preparing for the oncoming traffic of the festive season. Places of attraction and entertainment venues for one. However healthcare and senior care industries may also see a sharp rise in family members […]

How Technology Can Help Seniors In The Everyday

Senior Care

It is now easier than ever for people of any age to access technology. From e-learning for children to senior care such as keeping track of daily health and well-being, technology is helping to make everyday tasks easier. Though the introduction of new technology can sometimes be intimidating, the benefits often shine through. An example being […]

Caregiving Made Easier With Senior Care Software


The term “caregiver” is used to describe people who provide assistance in the form of day-to-day care for individuals in need, such as seniors. Caregiving may be a profession that involves looking after the young, sick, elderly, or disabled. Caregivers help individuals achieve tasks and functions necessary for daily life that may have, for a […]

5 Ways Technology Can Solve Senior Care Centre Challenges

senior living challenges

Senior care centres are designed to offer a variety of functions. These can range from assisted living to daily activities that promote physical, mental, and social well-being amongst the elderly. They strive to provide safe, homelike, and enjoyable environments. However, there are some common issues that can arise concerning both the residents and staff of […]

Redefining Senior Care Service With New Technologies

senior care service

The report by the Government’s National Population and Talent Division, provides an update on Singapore’s key population trends over the past year. Did you know? That by 2030, around one in four citizens, or 23.8 per cent, will be aged 65 and above. That is a large population of senior citizens who will require facilities […]

Introducing New Loan Servicing Software

Loan Servicing Software

You’ve probably heard about our Visitor Management System. But what about our fintech services such as Loan Servicing Software? What exactly is that, anyway? What is Loan Servicing Software? Loan Servicing Software is a digital platform that helps automate every stage of the loan lifecycle, from application to closing. It is an automation of the […]

How To Improve Visitor Management with Data

Using Data To Improve Visitor Management

With the pandemic subsiding, visitors are returning in surge. More visitors means great things for a business. It presents opportunity not only profit but also brand strengthening, and cultivating a healthy and successful work community. But this also means more management in order to ensure positive visitor experiences. One way you improve visitor experience even […]

Meeting Health Protocols with a Visitor Management System

Visitor Management System Keeps Health In Check

With the recent pandemic, the population has become more aware of the threat of infectious diseases, as well as how to reduce their risks of infection. Governments and workplaces alike developed health and safety protocols to curb the spread. Technologies have also been developed or adapted to help enforce health protocols and control risks. One […]

Visitor Management System in the Education Industry

visitor management system in education industry

Security and welfare of students and teachers is of utmost importance to the education industry. Both these aspects can be improved with the help of a Visitor Management System (VMS)! Be it through background and credential validation of individuals entering the school or institution, or automated sign-in and attendance features. Let’s take a look at […]