Benefits of an automated safe entry gantry

Benefits of an automated safe entry gantry

According to this article by the Straits Times, as of May 2021, over 30 places throughout Singapore have installed automated safe entry gantries in an effort to effectively manage visitor access and digital contact tracing. The automated safe entry gantries have been deployed in multiple premise types, including malls, offices, schools, as well as places of worship.

If you are still considering whether to have an automated safe entry gantry installed at your premise, here are the benefits of having the automated safe entry gantry deployed in your premise:


1. Validates Vaccination Status & SafeEntry Check-ins in just a second

The safe entry gantry and be integrated with a Vaccination Screening Device that grants door access only when Vaccination Status and SafeEntry Check-in have been validated. All of this happens in under a second!


2. Tap ‘N’ Go feature with TraceTogether App on mobile phones or TraceTogether Token

The safe entry gantry system works by sensing your TraceTogether App or your TraceTogether Token. No QR codes are required in the procedure, only physical proximity.


3. Fully automated, removes the need for manpower

The fact that the safe entry gantry is a fully-automated machine eliminates the need for additional manpower. This will save you the cost of hiring an additional manpower to monitor visitor access and manually check for Vaccination Status or SafeEntry Check-ins.


4. Different Models

Our safe entry gantries come in two different models. Lane Gantries are appropriate for areas that face a high volume of traffic, admitting up to 15 individuals per minute. Tower Gantries are sleek, space-saving, and perfect for premises which face space constraints.


Automated safe entry gantry - Different Models

5. Anti-pinch mechanism

The safe entry gantry’s system utilizes door flaps which ensure avoidance of accidental injury.


6. Anti-tailgate mechanism

The safe entry gantry’s system can be customized to your preferred door open/close interval timings. This prevents tailgating incidents.


7. Equipped with light/siren/fire safety

Emergency sensors on the safe entry gantry ensure that gantry doors will automatically be opened in case of emergency situations, whereas lights and sirens will alert individuals to exit points.


8. Multiple identification access

In addition to RFID identification of mobile phones and Tracetogether Tokens for contactless door access, the safe entry gantry can also confirm identification via QR codes. The safe entry gantry can also be equipped with biometric identification technology to scan for fingerprints, palm and facial recognition.


9. Handicap-friendly

The safe entry gantry’s width can be adjusted to allow for wheelchair access.


10. Add-on IoT devices

On top of all the main safety features, you can also choose to set up intelligent door access in a wider ecosystem of devices using the Internet of Things principles.



Interested to know more about the benefits of having an automated safe entry gantry deployed in your premise? Get in touch with us via email or call us at +65 65130588 to find out more!

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