A Journey With Visitor Management Systems


 Visitor Management Systems are an essential tool for scaling up and enhancing your business’s capabilities. Utilizing the principles of Business Process Automation, you can improve both visitor and host experiences, while shaving costs! An essential aspect of Visitor Management Systems is how it uses technology to automate key points in a visitor’s journey. This can […]

Introducing A Visitor Management System


Every modern business can benefit from a Visitor Management System. VMS uses the principles of Business Process Automation to implement efficient solutions that admit and manage visitors. As businesses scale, keeping track of visitor (and employee) activity becomes more complicated. Sometimes this can lead to heavy manpower costs, confusion, poor record-keeping, and even security issues! […]

What On Earth Is BPA (Business Process Automation)?

What is BPA? Ever looked at a daily task and thought, “This could be done so much quicker if we had a…”? This is the question that WerkDone answers for you! Business Process Automation (BPA) is a key part of the solutions that we offer. BPA is the technology-enabled automation of complex business process. In […]