Choosing The Right Visitor Management System (VMS)

Choosing Visitor Management System
How to choose the right VMS

Choosing the right Visitor Management System for your company is crucial. Especially for places that experience high visitor traffic, or are looking to welcome more visitors. A Visitor Management System allows companies to manage the Visitor Journey efficiently, without the need for long queues and security issues. With the rising need for a VMS in an increasingly digitalised world, many options have sprung up on the market. So how exactly do you choose the right one for your business?

Here are some questions that will help you choose the right one:

Is it efficient and easy to use?

Efficiency – Welcoming visitors to your office should be a smooth process. A system involving lots of paperwork is vulnerable to human error and is time-consuming. The right system should also be intuitive for staff usage and require minimal training. At the same time, a complicated system will hinder and affect the quality of your visitor’s experience.

Does it include reporting and data visualization?

Data Reporting & Analytics – Will you have access to an analytics dashboard? How is data collected and visualised for future application? How is data stored? Cloud-based storage makes it easier for companies to maintain a centralised database. Also, cloud-based storage makes it easier for companies to avoid storage issues (such as a lack of it, or misplacement of data). Keep in mind what kind of reporting your business needs, and if the system is able to provide you with the appropriate analytics.

Is it data-secure?

Safety and Security – Since a VMS handles sensitive personal information, it is vital that all data is handled safely. Is the VMS you are choosing PDPA compliant? Is the provider ISO certified?

How much does it cost and how is the breakdown?

Expense – Be wary of hidden fees, up-front pricing is always the safest choice. Ask for a pricing breakdown – a cheap VMS does not guarantee a smooth solution! Some factors companies consider are visitor volume, employee headcount, and office location. Calculate which suits better for your company.

Lastly, don’t hold back on the questions! Keep in mind the unique requirements of your business. Every company has specifications and may require customisation for optimal performance.

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