How To Improve Visitor Management with Data

With the pandemic subsiding, visitors are returning in surge. More visitors means great things for a business. It presents opportunity not only profit but also brand strengthening, and cultivating a healthy and successful work community. But this also means more management in order to ensure positive visitor experiences.

One way you improve visitor experience even with higher traffic is using data. Whether using a modern visitor management software that can provide you with visitor analytics, or a manual visitor log, you want to make sure you’re recording and studying this data.

Visitor analytics provide you with real-time insights to help you create a better workplace. Data can help you optimise your visitor management process. It can also help you identify areas of improvement to make sure your visitors walk away with a good impression of your brand.

What to look into when reading data:

1. Type of Visitors Coming To Your Workplace

With visitor management tools, you can use surveys to identify reason for visitation.  For example, are your visitors mostly customers, deliverymen, guest speakers, patients? By understanding who is visiting, and in what frequency, you can prioritise better and engage in more efficient resource allocation.

2. The Team That Invites The Most Visitors

Knowing which team hosts or entertains the most visitors can help management advise the specific teams on how to handle visitors. More resources can be dedicated to training on how to preregister visitors, scheduling, or giving tours. Preparing your team to welcome visitors can help improve visitors’ experience.

3. Peak periods

Identifying peak periods allows staff in the front lobby and security teams to prepare for high traffic volume. Management can also deploy higher numbers of staff at these times. This means less overcrowding or slow service at peak periods due to understaffing.

4. Length Of Visit

Data on sign-outs are just as important as sign-ins! Use sign-out data to track how long your visitors stay onsite. This allows you to introduce limits on visit times and optimise appointment booking options. This data can also be valuable for assessing security threats, emergencies, or advising capacity restrictions. 

5. Feedback On The Visitor Experience

Feedback from visitors provides valuable insight into what you’re doing right, and what you’re falling short on. Finding patterns in the feedback data can advise you on areas of improvement. For example, are your hospital visitors having a great experience but your patients having a poorer one? This calls for more consideration towards the latter’s experience. Or do visitors feel sufficiently attended to at check-in, but confused during the duration of their visit? This may call for measures like an instant notification system via mobile during their time on the premise.

How to use analytics

Visitor analytics can inform improvements to your overall visitor management process and workplace experience. But how else does data collection benefit the company?

Audit Resources

With data from the analytics, your key stakeholders can make decisions around staffing, real estate, budgeting, and more. Do you have the facilities, software, and staff in place to support visitor management? Shortfalls may warrant another look at your current resource allocation, staffing, and overall management plan.

Custom Sign In Questions

Collecting visitors’ information via pre-registration gives you critical data you can use to tailor the experience for each category of visitors. Use custom sign-in questions at pre-registration to better understand their goal of the visit and their needs while on-site. For example, will they need lunch? Will they require a desk? Do they have any special accommodation requests?

Data offers endless ways to improve Visitor Management. Data Analytics is crucial to improving a business’ manageability, lowering costs, and raising revenue.

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