How The Smart Tracking System: Ultra Wideband (UWB) Works

The Smart Tracking System: Ultra Wideband

Wondering how the smart tracking system works? Part of radio technology, Ultra Wideband uses radio waves to operate. Currently, multiple technologies are using Ultra Wideband in their products, including WerkDone’s Visitor Management System. So, how exactly do they work?

How Wireless Communication Send and Receive Data

Similar to Bluetooth and Wi-fi, Ultra Wideband uses wireless communication protocol. The way wireless communication works is by transmitting information between devices via radio waves. Wireless Communication requires a transmitter and a receiver in order to work. The transmitter takes information like audio or video, and encodes the data into a sine function, and then transmits the function into the air in the form of an electromagnetic wave. Next, the receiver detects the wave and continues the process by decoding the data. With wireless communication, antennas are used by transmitters to transmit waves and also by receivers to detect them.

How Ultra Wideband (UWB) Works

Similar to how wireless communication works, ultra wideband works by sending billions of pulses and a corresponding receiver then translates it into data by listening for a familiar pulse sequence that the transmitter sent.

What makes UWB different from Wi-fi and Bluetooth however is the frequency it works in. UWB uses a larger channel bandwidth with short pulses, making UWB able to achieve greater accuracy.

Ultra Wideband works by using multiple antennas, and it measures the angle where the signal arrived from. Since it is able to pinpoint from precise angle and distance, it can pinpoint any object to a location with high precision. The same way bats use echolocation to sense their environment, UWB pulses can be used to sense distances between two transmitters.

How UWB Works

Ultra Wideband in WerkDone’s Visitor Management System

Ultra Wideband is also part of WerkDone’s Visitor Management System. Being able to accurately track and pinpoint locations in real time provides advantages for security and efficiency. VMS uses UWB in our smart tracking devices that can determine precise locations whether indoors or outdoors using a wearable badge.

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