A Journey With Visitor Management Systems

 Visitor Management Systems are an essential tool for scaling up and enhancing your business’s capabilities. Utilizing the principles of Business Process Automation, you can improve both visitor and host experiences, while shaving costs!

An essential aspect of Visitor Management Systems is how it uses technology to automate key points in a visitor’s journey. This can range from pre-registration of individuals prior to the visit, to customized security clearance during to visit. Other features include tracking and monitoring of visitor activity, as well as post-visit data analytics capabilities. 

WerkDone’s Visitor Management System automates each step of the visitor journey for your business:

Before Visit

  • Pre-registered individuals prior to a visit either by management, or themselves.
  • Validate visitors by integration of background checks with government or security agency systems.
  • Upload repeat visitor or employee data can be for future recognition.



  • Upon arrival, admit approved and registered visitors via your business’s choice of identification access. These include but are not restricted to RFID, QR code, and barcode scanning.
  • This can be integrated with new or existing door access and verification hardware. Such as gantries, turnstiles, or kiosks.
  • A pre-defined Visitor Orientation process can also be automated. Visitors will receive SMS/email regarding house rules, safety instructions, or emergency protocol. Health declaration forms can also be automatically triggered.


During Visit & Notifications 

  • Trigger instant notifications via SMS/email to visitors at key points of their visit (upon successful check-in, when entering specific zones, in case of emergency, etc.)
  • Smart tracking of visitors via Internet of Things principles for collection of data such as location, traffic heatmapping, and visit stay.
  • Can be integrated with software to track and affirm employee, visitor, or retailer attendance.


Upon Departure

  • Instant notification via SMS/email on checkout or exit procedures.
  • Confirmation via SMS/email upon successful checkout.


Post-Action Analytics & Reporting

  • Real-time dashboard with dynamic search and export function.
  • Real-time visitor details 
  • Data visualization in the form of heatmaps, charts, and graphs.


Workplace security doesn’t have to be a chore. Let our Visitor Management Systems help you build a seamless and reliable experience for both patrons and staff!

Download our VMS brochure for more information!

Find out more about our services at www.werkdone.com. Alternatively, drop us a message here!


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