Meeting Health Protocols with a Visitor Management System

With the recent pandemic, the population has become more aware of the threat of infectious diseases, as well as how to reduce their risks of infection. Governments and workplaces alike developed health and safety protocols to curb the spread. Technologies have also been developed or adapted to help enforce health protocols and control risks.

One of the tools that can help enforce health protocol is a Visitor Management Systems. Visitor Management Systems can help create a secure environment and keep prohibited individuals out. In workplaces such as the Healthcare Industry, extra care must be taken to reduce health and security risks. There are many ways Visitor Management System help in such a workplace, some of them being:

1. Streamline the check-in process

From verification of identity to collection of details, Visitor Management System can help speed up the check in process for visitors. A digital check-in procedure ensures that all information is collected and stored, reducing the risk of human error or misplacement of documents. Identity and credentials are automatically verified with databases to prevent unauthorised individuals from entering a premise.

2. Create a safe and secure environment

A Visitor Management System also monitors the number of visitors entering and leaving the premise, as well as their activity while on the premise. By issuing wearable badges upon check-in, management receives alerts alert if visitors are entering unauthorised sectors, as well as enforce capacity rules for the venue. This helps protect both visitors and employees.

3. Reflect changes in health protocol

Health protocol is often updated or modified to accommodate new regulations and risks. A good Visitor Management System should be easily adapted to account for these changes. For example, vaccination status and temperature checks may once have been necessary, however are no longer a requirement. A good VMS can be adapted to no longer require these checks, but still facilitate seamless and contactless check-ins and collection of data.

Public health has been at the forefront of discussion due to the recent pandemic. Visitors and employees alike are wary of the risks, and a Visitor Management System can help provide peace of mind going forward! Visit our website to find out more about our services. Alternatively, drop us a message here!

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