5 Must Have Tech Tools For The Modern Office

Technological advancements support and drive businesses in the modern era. From collaborative software to advanced security systems. These technologies automate day-to-day tasks to help us work more efficiently. Here are 5 Tech Tools that most workplaces could use!

1. Office Automation Control System

These systems allow you to control the office environment. This includes variables such as lighting, temperature, and, even humidity. All of this can be achieved with just a click of a button on tablet or phone! Some systems even offer built-in sensors that adjust the environment based on the number of people in office. This allows you to create an optimum working environment while saving on power bills.

2. Visitor Management System

Digital Visitor Management Systems are fast becoming staple tools for modern workplaces. A Visitor Management System helps businesses keep track the number and activities of visitors and employees. Data collected from these findings can be used to improve visitor experience and employee workflow. Whether by automating registration, identity verification, streamlining safety procedures, or enforcing authorised access to secure areas.

3. Project Management and Business Communication Apps

Good communication makes for a successful team. With collaborative software and applications, communication is easy even when carried out remotely. Using such applications both tracks and streamlines the workflow by creating conducive and organised spaces for discussion.

Project management tools allow for easy delegation and prioritisation of tasks. They are also useful for charting the team’s progress against clients’ requirements and deadlines.

4. Ergonomic Desk Setup

Beyond productivity, employees’ physical well-being is something every company should consider. After all, a healthy and happy worker makes for an efficient one! Most office jobs require long hours in front of a computer. There are a host of health issues that can arise from this, so your company can consider introducing some ergonomic equipment to reduce the risks!

Here are a couple of ideas:

  • Adjustable desk
  • Ergonomic office chair
  • Monitor riser
  • Wrist cushion
  • Standing desk
  • Treadmill desk

5. A Good Coffee Machine

Burnout is the enemy of productivity. Not every technological tool has to be complex. Sometimes it is as simple as offering effective break times, and a decent coffee machine can go a long way! Coffee is an essential part to many working individuals’ routines, so you can be sure your employees will appreciate the addition.

Innovative office technology can drastically help a workplace operate more efficiently. It also improves the experience and environment of both employees and visitors. WerkDone provides a visitor management solution that is highly customisable to the needs of various industries. Visit our website to find out how our Visitor Management System can make your business smarter. Alternatively, drop us a message here!

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