Process of Installing an Automated Safe Entry Gantry

Gantry Installation

The WerkDone automated SafeEntry Gantry is a solution that we have developed in order to admit individuals (personnel or visitors) to your premise safely and seamlessly. 

WerkDone’s Automated SafeEntry Gantries offer a quick and efficient access management solution for your business in the pandemic era. Admit personnel and visitors to your premise seamlessly with integrated SafeEntry check-ins and a Vaccination Screening function!

Save costs by implementing fully unmanned SafeEntry check-ins and Vaccination Screening using WerkDone’s gantries. There are several SafeEntry Gantry models to choose from, according to your premise needs and budget, namely the Lane Gantry and Tower Lane Gantry.

We understand the unpredictable and transient nature of the pandemic, as well as the changing measures. Our gantries are available both for purchase and leasing to accommodate for business’s short and longer term requirements.

All our gantries can be 4G-connected to ensure reliable functioning that is not reliant on WiFi connection. We also provide a dedicated, locally-based Service Team to assist in roadmapping, installation, troubleshooting and maintenance from time-to-time.

Types of SafeEntry Gantry & Specifications


Lane Gantry

  • Unmanned Vaccination Screening feature available
  • Flexible (w) x 1000 (h) x 1200 (l) dimensions
  • Elegant design and reliable gate operation
  • Rapid Pass Speed: Allow up to 30 visitors per minute to pass through
  • Only suitable for usage inside
  • ID/IC card, fingerprint, facial recognition, barcode/QR code, phone app, and ESD system support access control system
  • The operation does not necessitate the use of security personnel

Tower Lane Gantry

  • Unmanned Vaccination Screening feature available
  • Model with a low weight
  • Operation and maintenance are simple
  • Ideal for locations with limited space (e.g. smaller retail outlets)
  • Installation is simple and quick
  • 600 x 950 × 170 mm (w) x 950 mm (h) (l)
  • 1200 x 950 x 170 mm (w) x 950 mm (h) (l)
  • Rapid Pass Speed: Allow up to 45 visitors per minute to pass through

How does the Automated SafeEntry Gantry work?

All our gantries are embedded with a Govtech-registered SafeEntry Gateway device, which allows users to activate the gantry gates by scanning their mobile phones or TraceTogether Tokens in the same way they would with SafeEntry boxes.

Our gantries are now also available with a Vaccination Screening function that automatically scans for an individual’s Vaccination status before granting door access. Users must scan their TraceTogether application to validate their Vaccinated status.

As every gantry is registered with GovTech, your personal data safety is ensured to be PDPA-compliant. Our gantries will also be aligned with all updates and solutions that’s provisioned by GovTech.

In addition to the basic functions of the SafeEntry Gantry, you can also opt for scalable add-ons that offer Venue Capacity Management System, Web-based portal for visitor statistics and data analytics, Intercom System, External Counter to measure traffic, as well as a Wheelchair-friendly Option.

Interested in getting a WerkDone SafeEntry Gantry installed at your premise? Our installation team will assist you from delivery of materials to set-up and test-runs of the gantries. Installation time per gantry requires less than 30 mins.

Benefits of using the SafeEntry Gantry

The main benefits of having a WerkDone SafeEntry Gantry installed in your premise are cost savings. Our fully unmanned, automated gantries remove the need to hire security guards or operation personnel to monitor the coming and going of individuals to your premise. At the same time, you will also be able to save time on SafeEntry check-ins and Vaccination Status.

We also have a dedicated local Service Team who will be able to assist you in the roadmapping, installation, troubleshooting and maintenance of your SafeEntry Gantry.

Need to know more about the WerkDone SafeEntry Gantry? Get in touch with us here! We look forward to chatting with you soon.

Gantry Installation at Far East Plaza

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