Redefining Senior Care Service With New Technologies

The report by the Government’s National Population and Talent Division, provides an update on Singapore’s key population trends over the past year. Did you know? That by 2030, around one in four citizens, or 23.8 per cent, will be aged 65 and above. That is a large population of senior citizens who will require facilities to support their physical, mental, and social health.

Thankfully modern technology has grown tremendously and has opened avenues for solutions that benefit even the older generations. From a Visitor Management System to comprehensive Senior Care Management Systems that oversee the day-to-day operations of eldercare facilities, these solutions can create a seamless experience for seniors, family members, volunteers, and staff!

Senior Care Management Systems provide a consolidated platform for managing the residents or participants of eldercare facilities ranging from senior activity centres to nursing homes. They can improve the quality and impact of services provided by the facilities. This includes management of daily activities, data security, and the security and wellbeing of elderly, volunteers and staff by streamlining communication and tailoring the individual’s experience according to their needs and preferences.

What Makes Senior Care Management System Special?

Senior Care comes in various forms such as specified residences that catering to individuals with specific health conditions, mobility, or simply activity preferences. To provide quality experience and service requires appropriate management, equipment, and manpower. Thus, consolidated and customisable software can be extremely helpful to managers of these facilities. 

Some of these facilities house residents who are not only tenants but patient as well. Thus, it is essential to integrate management of the facility with the required scale of health care. The most efficient way to integrate health care into day-to-day operational management is through software that consolidates senior profiling, scheduling, case and care management, and financial tools.

Senior Care Management Systems automate repetitive processes such as registration, profiling, and financial transactions. This allows staff to focus on higher value tasks such as tailoring the experience for each senior, volunteer acquisition and matching. The cloud-based and data-secure system also allows facilities to collect and store data points for reporting, analysis, and future applications! Over time, efficient resource allocation also leads to lower overhead costs and manpower wastage.

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