How To Refresh Your Workplace Visitor Policy and Optimise Company Workflow

With health regulations easing up, more and more people have been returning to office for work. But many companies have also chosen to adopt a hybrid working system. With increased human traffic, it may be time to update your workplace’s visitor policy to ensure smooth operation and a positive Visitor Journey. Refreshing your visitor policy can facilitate easier management of visitors and staff, as well as streamline data collection.

Good Workplace Visitor Policies help companies create positive first impression on any visitors. This includes customers, business partners, event attendees, and anyone else visiting your premises. It also helps company your company remain compliant with new health regulations and safety standards.

What should you consider when revisiting your Visitor Policy?

Invitation Permission

Which employees have permission to invite visitors? Are all employees authorised to bring visitors onto the premises? Designating specific teams, roles, or individuals with the authority to invite visitors onto premises can make visitor traffic easier to process, and avoid overcrowding or trespassing.

Type of Visitors

What type of visitors are welcome in the workplace? This may include job candidates, vendors, customers, contractors, event attendees, delivery people, investors, and business partners.

If your company only authorises the entrance of specific types of visitors in, be sure to define these types when renewing your policy.

Rules and Procedures

Are there specific rules that visitors need to abide to? If so, what do they need to do before they can enter the workplace? Especially with new health and safety protocols, it is prudent to make note of new procedures in your Visitor Policy. You will also need an effective and consistent means of briefing your visitors on house rules and regulations upon entering company premises.

Entering Prohibition

Is there anyone that is prohibited from entering your workplace? Are there a certain sectors in your workplace that visitors, or staff without sufficient security clearance are prohibited from entering? Industries dealing with sensitive information, or sectors that contain workplace hazards may have restrictions on who can pass through their premises. Make note of all locations on your premise that are not safe for visitor entry.

While this seems tedious, Visitor Policies ultimately help a company stay organized and secure. This leads to a more efficient management process. Our Visitor Management Systems are capable of setting up and enforcing these policies for you. Find out how we do this!

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