Industries That Benefit From Ultra-Wideband (UWB)

UWB Usecases

WerkDone’s Visitor Management System utilises Ultra-Wideband (UWB) technology. This technology can help all sorts of workplaces improve their efficiency and functioning with its unique traits. So, which industries are these?

Healthcare Industry

Healthcare Institutions have many restricted areas requiring authorised access. This makes security measures crucial in preventing breaches. 

The Healthcare Industry also sees many categories of visitors on a daily basis, such as patients seeking treatment, volunteers, and members of staff. Being able to identify and track these individuals can keep workflows smooth.

Use cases:

  • Indoor Navigation – Ultra-Wideband technology used in a Smart Tracking system. Such a system can accurately pinpoint a visitor’s location within the premises via wearable badges.
  • Secure Building Access – UWB is capable of enforcing authorised access to restricted sectors only to selected or pre-registered visitors (e.g. patient’s family, nursing staff, doctors).

Places of Attraction

Places of Attraction see large numbers of unique visitors daily (think tourists!) These businesses are always looking to deliver high quality experiences for their visitors, constantly seek to attract more patronage.

With higher foot traffic, better security measures are a must. Additionally, companies can apply data gathered via UWB to improving visitors’ experience.

Use cases:

  • Visitor Analytics – Data gathered via UWB can show not only the number of visitors, but also their demographics and behaviour. This makes it easier for reporting and analysis of visitors’ journeys. Which in turn contribute to feedback and future improvements!
  • Identity & Credential Checks – UWB can verify and validate a visitor’s identity for seamless entry, as well as the credentials of staff and contractors entering the premises. With UWB’s safety measures, visitors and hosts do not need to worry about data breaches and trespassers.
  • Secure Hands-Free Access – With UWB’s wearable badge, visitors are able to visit attractions without physical registration and processing. UWB can be used to implement and regulate hands-free entry and visits.

Construction Industry

Workplace Hazards are something every company needs to look out for. Even more so for industries that utilise heavy machinery like construction sites.

Use case:

  • Asset & Equipment Tracking – Using UWB, tag assets and equipment for precise location tracking. This will mean less equipment getting lost or under-utilised! It also assists in easy reporting of company asset numbers, and maintenance schedules.
  • Worker Access Management – With UWB’s wearable badge, management can keep track of workers’ locations both indoors and outdoors. And so regulate access to restricted or unsafe areas.

With what Ultra-Wideband can do for this industry, imagine what it can do for other workplace. Interested?

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