Visitor Management System in the Education Industry

Security and welfare of students and teachers is of utmost importance to the education industry. Both these aspects can be improved with the help of a Visitor Management System (VMS)! Be it through background and credential validation of individuals entering the school or institution, or automated sign-in and attendance features.

Let’s take a look at how a Visitor Management System can be beneficial to the Education Industry.

What Can A VMS Do?

Starting from a pre-registration process where visitors can register themselves before coming to the premise, to instant notifications and instructions during their visit, and finally upon departure. For schools, some specific things ways a VMS can help include:

  • Credential checks and flagging of dangerous individuals (such as criminal history)
  • Protects students from leaving with unauthorised individuals
  • Creates accurate and legible sign-in records 
  • Issues wearable badges for approved and verified visitors
  • Capacity management for facilities
  • Automated attendance-taking on a day-to-day basis, or for events such as graduation

Being able to keep track of every individual entering the premise makes it easier for schools to keep staff and students safe. This also offers peace of mind to parents who entrust their students’ safety with the school. In extreme situations such as the COVID-19 pandemic, VMS is able to help observe and enforce health protocol and capacity restrictions.

What To Look In A VMS?

Here are some VMS key features which may be useful or unique to the to Educational Industry:

  • Instant Mobile Notifications (for sign-ins, house rules)
  • Cloud-based digital Records of All Visitors
  • Identification Badges for staff, parents, guest speakers, etc.
  • Credential verification against government databases identifying sex offenders/pedophiles/criminals
  • Booking and management of shared spaces such as classrooms, labs, gyms
  • Emergency roll-call

Looking for the right Visitor Management System is not a simple task, especially if your industry requires complex or specific features. WerkDone’s VMS is highly customisable to your workplace’s unique needs – don’t hesitate to reach out for a consultation!

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